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Heat meters

Nowdays large amounts of energy are used for district heating and cooling. Thus reliable and economical methods for heat measurement become more important.
Therefore we offer a variety of measurement solutions for heating and cooling. Our products are used for district heating, cooling systems, individual boilers, heat pumps and solar energy systems. Out meters are equipped with electromagnetical, ultrasound and volume sensors as well as remote readout and remote test systems All meters are certified according to EN 1434 (CEN).

Whether large, medium-sized or smaller heating and cooling systems - select between the high performance calculators F2 and F4. Natural both are equipped with a standardized m-bus-interface. This makes a safe data communication possible to every place you want to.

F80Compact meters
Compact meters are good for use in private apartments or houses. As split version they are also applicable in large heating and cooling systems.
The data registration is easier to handle, by remote metering over pulse output or the m-bus-interface.

Our product range for compact meters:

  • Compact meter F80
  • Compact meter F90S/F90M
  • F96 ultrasound heat meter

U2500Volume measurement
The Volume measurement devices are important parts for heating and cooling systems. They guarantee exact flow data.
No matter if flats or houses, business rooms or industrial plants, our product range provides you the suitable meter. You can choose from single-jet, multi-jet and Woltmann meters as well as ultrasound sensors.

Our product range for volume measurement:

  • Flow sensor U2500
  • Volume measurement devices S140, M190, H4300 and H4400

TD026Temperature sensors
The temperature sensors are designed to be used for temperature measurements where high reliability and accuracy is needed. They consist of a Pt 100 or a Pt 500 measuring element surrounded by a small metal shield. The sensors follow the European standard EN1434 and have an extreme short response time due to the small thermal mass.

Our product range for temperature sensors:

  • Temperature sensor TCF
  • Temperature sensor TD026
  • Temperature sensor TL045

M-Com for Windows is a software used to communicate with heat meters and other utility meters using M-Bus and SIOX. The program is available for different user levels - small users, normal users, like heat distribution plants etc, advanced users with separately designed modules for special meters and applications.

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